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The Gemara in Shabbos 131b says that the Shofar brings our memory to Hashem. This is what the Torah says is the function when we bite the Shofar at every holiday in the Beis Hamikdash. Now, obviously Hashem doesn't need reminders. This is where the explanations of Rabbeinu Saadya Gaon, mentioned by @IsaacMoses comes in. This is similar to the blood mark on ...


The acrostic structure for the second day version of Hashem Melech is the name of the author: Shimon Bar Yitzchak. The last stanza starts with the traditional Chazak ( Cha-shmalei Zik-im). Regarding the "Eilu v'Eilu" refrain, it could very well be a reference to the Talmudic principle, but it as the two sets aren't contradicting each other (as they do in ...

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