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In the Shitta Mekubetzet, רנב"י stands for R. Natan bar Yosef. He was a student of the Ramban, and wrote a commentary to an older work from the Ramban on the laws of vows.


Newer editions of the Shibollei Haleket note that it refers to the Sefer Haittim of R. Yehudah Albargeloni who writes that which he is quoted by the Ravad.


Encyclopedia Talmudis (הרהור כדבור) says that the Meiri holds this way (it does not mention the Ritva) and any Rishon who holds the Halacha is like Ravina that thought is equivalent to speech in regards to Shema would hold the same for words of Torah.


The Tzemach Tzedek in Or HaTorah p. 866 points to the R. Yitzchak of Corbil in the SMa"K who includes learning Torah in the Mitzvos dependent on speech instead of in the section of Mitzvos dependent on thought.

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