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One interesting example saying directly and explicitly that earlier authorities where wrong is in regards to Rambam's opinion that a woman's seven niddah days and eleven zavah days strictly alternate and various other aspects of his approach to niddah and zavah. The Chatam Sofer writes in regards to this: אי-אפשר לעשות להרמב"ם אפילו סניף בעלמה כי שיטתו ...


Maran Rav Ovadia was always upset that people wrote in Seforim that the Rishonim are wrong. What you should do? You should work hard to explain where the Rishon is coming from! He did however Pasken with chosing whichever Rishon is more accepted. Regarding Achronim see introduction to Eigeret Leben Torah by Rav Yitzcak Yosef it saids there that בעצם there ...


Acc to the Bach, in that siman in the Tur on siff 5-6, Tosafos in Brachos 49b actually names the originator of this chumra as Rabeinu Yehuda. It doesn't really look like thats what tosafos is saying though, see there d.h. ee ba'i. Here is a side theory though. The Rosh in Brachos ch. 7 siman 23 also requires eating in the succah the first night even when it ...


This is a text link, though not all of the drashos are here and this is a link to a pdf


daat.ac.il has it here in pdf format split into two files.

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