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This question is the subject of a teshuva of Rav Ovadia Yosef in Yabia Omer 1:41-42, and he returns to this subject in many later teshuvos as well. He writes regarding this question that דבר זה הוא מקצוע גדול בתורה (so imagine this question upvoted by R. Ovadia Yosef). First of all, it isn't so clear that we actually do 'pasken' like the Shut min ...


There are several Rishonim (collected in Encycolpedia Talmudis, but for example see the Raavid's comment on the Rambam Shofar Lulav V'Sukka 8:5 where he explicitly argues for his position because of Ruach HaKodesh - although he justifies it intellectually - see at the link the argument if the Raavid means it literally) that hold that the final Halacha is not ...

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