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It is present in the Shilat ed. of Rambam's responsa (p. 673 IIRC), but R. Shilat demonstrates that this responsum is probably a forgery.


Quick-Reference List of the Section-Contents of Igros Moshe - אגרות משה All links are to the first page of the section on HebrewBooks.org. The end of each volume has, for each of the responsa sections, a list of "references from Shas and Posekim" and a table of contents with responsa numbers, titles, and page numbers. Links to these are included below ...


The Rambam's responsum to Yoseph ben Gabir you're looking for begins on the 177th page of Qovetz Teshuvot ha-Rambam ve-Igrotav (Leipzig 1859). It's also available on Sefaria.


It's generally understood that the Mishna Torah was Rambam's last -- and therefore greatest -- work. We assume that he changed his mind over time from his responsa-writing period to when he wrote the Yad HaChazaka (i.e. Mishna Torah). (Though much ink has been spilled about his responsum allowing conversion to Islam rather than death, vs. the Yad's ...


R. David Yoef in the introduction to the P'er Hador edition of Rambam's responsa quotes many who value the MT over the responsa, including the Rashba, in addition to citing some who hold the opposite, such as the Radvaz.

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