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Babylonian Talmud, Hullin, 116a: עוף איכא בינייהו ר' עקיבא סבר חיה ועוף אינן מן התורה הא מדרבנן אסירי ור' יוסי הגלילי סבר עוף אפילו מדרבנן נמי לא אסיר תניא נמי הכי במקומו של רבי אליעזר היו כורתין עצים לעשות פחמין לעשות ברזל במקומו של רבי יוסי הגלילי היו אוכלין בשר עוף בחלב לוי איקלע לבי יוסף רישבא אייתו לקמיה רישא דטיוסא בחלבא ולא אמר להו ולא מידי כי אתא ...


Rabbi Ephraim Oshry's son is the Rov in a shul in my neighborhood. He told me a short time ago that the family was working on republishing his father's works. I don't know what the schedule is but I assume you can contact him directly to find out. The shul is Khal Beth Avrohom on East 17th Street in Brooklyn.


Great question. It's a problem that is not limited to the Rambam, you can find the same phenomenon among other poskim. For example, the Maharil "contradicts" himself regarding when one removes shoes before the Ninth of Av. Does one take them off at home, or before Ma'ariv? That depends whether you read the responsa or the "Customs" (מנהגי מהרי"ל). See ...


I don't think there is an proper answer but this is what I think. Talmud = Oral law and as such it was forbidden to even write it down or compile it with laws and traditions being handed down from teacher to student . Therefore it makes sense that in the Talmud you find this type of structure since that was the primary way of gaining knowledge and accessing ...

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