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Quick-Reference List of the Section-Contents of Igros Moshe - אגרות משה All links are to the first page of the section on The end of each volume has, for each of the responsa sections, a list of "references from Shas and Posekim" and a table of contents with responsa numbers, titles, and page numbers. Links to these are included below ...


Babylonian Talmud, Hullin, 116a: עוף איכא בינייהו ר' עקיבא סבר חיה ועוף אינן מן התורה הא מדרבנן אסירי ור' יוסי הגלילי סבר עוף אפילו מדרבנן נמי לא אסיר תניא נמי הכי במקומו של רבי אליעזר היו כורתין עצים לעשות פחמין לעשות ברזל במקומו של רבי יוסי הגלילי היו אוכלין בשר עוף בחלב לוי איקלע לבי יוסף רישבא אייתו לקמיה רישא דטיוסא בחלבא ולא אמר להו ולא מידי כי אתא ...


As per this answer and this answer, this idea was put forth by Rabbi Ben-Zion Firrer in an article in the 5730 issue of No'am. A copy of the article is available here; a discussion of the opinion, including Rabbi M. M. Kasher's opposition, can be found here (Contemporary Halakhic Problems, R' J. David Bleich, vol 1, p211-212).


Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz discusses general principles of medical halacha in this lecture. Here are some things that he said that are relevant to your question: A person is obligated, as a patient, to get the best medical treatment that he can. A doctor is obligated to give the best medical treatment available. (~50 minutes) You're only allowed to pursue ...


Rabbi Ephraim Oshry's son is the Rov in a shul in my neighborhood. He told me a short time ago that the family was working on republishing his father's works. I don't know what the schedule is but I assume you can contact him directly to find out. The shul is Khal Beth Avrohom on East 17th Street in Brooklyn.


It turns out that the research I did before asking this question was simply too good. Marx reprints the letters at the end of his article (starting at page 343), which is available online for free through JSTOR.


Reb Moshe writes in Igros Moshe(YD 3:91) that he emphatically refused to give permission to translate his Teshuvos (either in full or a summery) into English, because It may not be translated properly It may cause people to make mistakes One shouldn't give Teshuvos to ignoramuses as they may make errors in Halachic judgement (comparing cases which are not ...


Torah and religion teach of the world as it is (assuming that we know to understand the teaching correctly) while science deals with the world as we see it. There cannot be any religious problem to speak of the world as God has shown it to us, as long as we recognize that our perception of the world should not be taken as the ultimate true description of the ...


R. David Yosef in the introduction to the P'er Hador edition of Rambam's responsa quotes many who value the MT over the responsa, including the Rashba, in addition to citing some who hold the opposite, such as the Radvaz.


Great question. It's a problem that is not limited to the Rambam, you can find the same phenomenon among other poskim. For example, the Maharil "contradicts" himself regarding when one removes shoes before the Ninth of Av. Does one take them off at home, or before Ma'ariv? That depends whether you read the responsa or the "Customs" (מנהגי מהרי"ל). See here:...


The Rambam's responsum to Yoseph ben Gabir you're looking for begins on the 177th page of Qovetz Teshuvot ha-Rambam ve-Igrotav (Leipzig 1859). It's also available on Sefaria.


I don't think there is an proper answer but this is what I think. Talmud = Oral law and as such it was forbidden to even write it down or compile it with laws and traditions being handed down from teacher to student . Therefore it makes sense that in the Talmud you find this type of structure since that was the primary way of gaining knowledge and accessing ...

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