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Here's the problem. In theory, conversion is instant and irreversible. If we had a magical machine that could peer into someone's soul so we could be certain that right before the conversion s/he was sincerely committed to keeping everything; then the next day somehow something totally changed and s/he decided to worship idols and eat pork or whatnot, we ...


Shulchan Arukh, Yoreh Deah 268:12 ‏...ואפילו חזר ועבד עבודת כוכבים – הרי הוא כישראל מומר שקידושיו קידושין.‏ ישראל מומר שעשה תשובה – אינו צריך לטבול. רק מדרבנן יש לו לטבול ולקבל עליו דברי חבירות בפני שלושה ...even if the convert returned to worshiping idols -- he is still a Jew such that his marriage proposals are binding. An apostate Jew ...

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