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Orhhot Tzadiqim (a.k.a. Sefer HaMiddot) by Unknown Mesillat Yesharim ("Path of the Just") by HaRav Moshe Hayim from Luzzato Generally, I find books of mussar (i.e. character development) to assist in teshuvah.


Reb Meir Stern teaches Rambam Hilchos Teshuva like I have written elsewhere. I would recommend you listen to a shiur on the Rambam from YUTorah etc.


In Shulchan Aruch Harav siman 582 sief 3 the Baal HaTanya writes that even if you went home and said 90 times hamelech hakadosh and then were uncertain if you did it right in davening, you still have to recite over shemoneh esrei, and he explains that this is different than mashiv haruach because when you practice saying the brochoh you can't say Hashem's ...


I recall seeing that this is impractical as the entire phrase must be said, and here that phrase is a bracha, which cannot be said multiple times. And saying it by replacing the actual sheim Hashem with the word Hashem would not count as having said the phrase in its proper form that many times.


To speak only of the case of Idolaters including the modern Idolaters, then are not meant to be forgiven as they have indulged in Shituff. His forgiveness can only materialize if he ceases Idolatry or other Shituff activities. The wrong done to you is a lessor wrong then the wrong he is doing by indulging in Idolatry. The best thing you can do is help him or ...

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