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The Chafeitz Chaim (Hilkhos LH 4:12) rules that you cannot do real teshuvah for speaking ill of someone without confessing to the person you spoke about. Even if they did not know of it before, so that you end up hurting the person you wrogngs. They say that Rav Yisrael Salanter disagreed, and so deeply that he refused to write an approbation to the whole ...


The Shomrei Emunim Rebbe in his sefer Taharos Hakodesh says that it was revealed to Rav Nachman from Heaven that the 10 psalms are for rectifying involuntary nocturnal emissions. Which kinds of sounds like it excludes other possibilities.


While it is always a "mitzvah" to seek forgiveness and spread peace, there is no specific command or halachic requirement to ask for forgiveness before Yom Kippur. It is simply a practical necessity to achieve complete atonement. There can be no justification to deliberatly cause pain to another. The first source in the question starts off saying that "it is ...


The Mishna in Yoma 8 (9) quoted in your link says עברות שבין אדם למקום, יום הכפורים מכפר........ עברות שבין אדם לחברו , אין יום הכפורים מכפר, עד שירצה את חברו Yom Kippur atones for sins between one and Hashem but does not atone for sins against one's fellow man until one appeases him. That means that if I did not appease my fellow-man before last ...


This is an important question, there are several examples of Rabbis that "Teshuva killed them". We see the case cited (BTW, in the Translation it seems to lakes the end of the statement "עד שמת באותה מיתה", "until he died from this death"). The case of the nevew of Rabbi Yosse Ben Yoezer Ish Tsereda Bereshit Rabba 65, 22, the case or Rabbi Eliezer Ben ...


In yesterday's daf yomi I think was mentioned the shlah proves from this gemara you can commit suicide to attain atonement. The wife was obviously pretty stupid.

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