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First, some background. There are several errors in your question that need to be addressed before I can answer your question directly: You falsely equate the yemoth mashiyahh and `olam haba as if they are one and the same. You are under the assumption that in `olam haba righteous yehudhim and goyim have the same or similar standing and even "rule" ...


I will start by addressing the specific question that you have asked here: "According to Halacha, is it a sin for a Jew to take control over some land in Eretz Yisrael when this land was taken against the will of its previous controller (regardless of whether it was occupied or empty, and whether there was violence involved in the transition)?" The answer ...


Rashash (on the mishna in the g'mara) cites a machlokes as to who has to provide the location of the divider: Rashbam says it's the seller [as do Rabenu Ger'shom on the page of the g'mara, alleged Rashi on the page of the Rif, and Nimuke Yosef], while Rambam (commentary on the mishna) says it's the buyer.

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