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According to the אור החיים הקדוש as quoted by the Chida, it means Rashi is quoting his Rebbe, Rebbe Yitzchok Haleivi. It would be acronym for למורי ורבי יצחק הלוי. Also see the biography on Rashi. In this Rashi he is saying that his Rebbe Reb Yitzchok says it this way, that cut down nails allow you to keep more and plucked nails must leave only four or ...


Inside it will only be seen by Cohanim, and not many of them either. On the outside alter it was seen by Leviim and Yisroelim. Edit: It is supposed to be constant reminder for the generations to see, point to, and learn from. Subtle signs are hardly enough for hotheads. We want to stop them long before they are holding by forcing their way in.

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