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This should not to be taken literally but metaphorically meaning that Onkelos' translation is considered as it were from divine origin, handed to Moses at Sinai. See: Targum Mi'Sinai? by Rafael Binyamin Posen, available in JSTOR here.


Hosea's removing the roadblocks to Jerusalem made more of an accusation against Northerners still clinging to idolatry and sacrificing to it rather than bringing sacrifice to the Temple.


Here's a more colloquial translation of what they're trying to accomplish: Some rely on their chariots, and some on their horses, but as for us? We call out in the name of God! (There is no double-we in the Hebrew, though the word nazkir is already conjugated as "we will call out", so the preceding word va-anachnu, "and we", gives it similar stress and ...

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