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The omer count is 49 days (seven complete weeks) after the bringing of the omer. Thus, Shavuos is one day of the week later than the "shabbos" which begins the omer period. That is day 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50 (Shavuos) of the omer are all on the same day of the week. Since the baisusim force the first day of the omer to be on the day that follows the ...


Did Rashi's works even reach the lands in which the Rambam lived? To summarize Prof. Shamma Friedman's piece, scholars in the early 20th century assumed from Rambam's silence, that he did not have access to Rashi's works, and furthermore, that they were generally unavailable in Egypt at that time. Additionally, we can infer from Rambam's early ...


This should not to be taken literally but metaphorically meaning that Onkelos' translation is considered as it were from divine origin, handed to Moses at Sinai. See: Targum Mi'Sinai? by Rafael Binyamin Posen, available in JSTOR here.

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