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Continue to verses 36–39 and all will become clear: When [the Jews] will sin to You… and You will place them before an enemy, and their captors will capture them to a distant or near land, and [the Jews] will return their hearts in the land where they'll have been captured…. Those verses speak of captivity. Verse 24 doesn't say the Jews were captured ...


The Daf Yomi Advancement Forum - dafyomi.co.il - has an English point-by-point translation of every Tosfos in the Maseches, in its entirety. They cover the entire Shas until the end of Avoda Zara - and I'm sure they are working on the last few Mesachtot. Each Tosfos starts with a summary, and then each phrase is brought in the original and then explained ...


There is a set of Shaarei Tosafos which explains each Tosafos, in Hebrew, really well.


Mesivta is a running Hebrew commentary with footnotes which includes a full explanation of Rashi Tosfos and the major issues and how the Rishonim and Achronim deal with it It has about 120 volumes covering all of Shas. You can view some of its features here http://www.oz-vehadar.com/en/department/16/editions-of-the-metivta


The meforshim use this as an example of how an inadvertant statement by a tzadik can cause later problems. That is, Yaakov had no idea that she had taken it and the condition used was not fulfilled. However, "the word of the tzadik is important". Thus, when Rachel was in danger (giving birth) this statement by Yaakov was included in the judgment and ...


Mei Menuchos, by Rabbi Nachman Kahana, is a clear and systematic explanation of Tosfos (in Hebrew), and is available free online for several mesechtos: http://nachmankahana.com/mei-menuchos/


From the explanation of Rav Hirsch it appears that Avraham is called Avicha and not Yitzchak because the inheritance (and the bracha) was passed along to Yaakov. It was now his turn "to build a complete Jewish household" and to create the "Abrahamitic future". Thus, since Yitzchak was housebound and blind, he could not take an active part in the community ...

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