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In fact, there is no contradiction between Midrash Tanchuma and Vayikra Rabba. Both maintain that Chur died on the first day, rather than the second. Tanchuma siman 19 reads: וירא העם כי בושש משה בא שש שעות. נתכנסו ארבעים אלף שעלו עם ישראל ושני חרטומי מצרים עימהם, ושמותם יונו"ס ויומברו"ס, שהיו עושין לפני פרעה כל אותם כשפים, כמו שכתוב: ויעשו גם הם ...


I will suggest an original answer only because all the sfarim I checked don't address this. Some of the sfarim (see Nachlas Yaakiv for instance) did however raise the point why Rashi in passuk 6 found it necessary to bring an example of murder, whereas he did not bring an example of the giluy arayos. What I think Rashi means is that the general mood that ...

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