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Very interesting question! However, Rashi is relying on the Midrash in Bereshit Raba (75:4): מלאכים - אלו שלוחי בשר ודם. ורבנן אמרי מלאכים ממש. Rashi interpreted as Rabanan that the meaning is actual angels, not messengers.


Chida in Shem Hagedolim (page 7 of the file) quotes Seder Hadoros, who says that the commentary on Iyov isn't from Rashi. On that same page he also quotes someone who claims that none of the commentary on Neviim is from Rashi, although he disagrees with that.


Mosef Rashi is a modern invention from printers who collect Rashi's writing from other Masechtos which would add insight to the sugya at hand. As such they are Rashi's own words (or Rashbam or the like when quoting from certain masechtos) but not any new found work of his. It's the same old Rashi. So if Tosafos have anything to say about, it would usually ...

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