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The sefer Yalkut HaGershoni here writes in the name of R. Tzvi Yaakov Klein: Ya’akov was very wise as we see from his cunning in dealing with Eisav and Lavan. Therefore he was called an איש תם, a man - a master - of guilelessness, and so according to the needs of the moment he would set aside his guilelessness and use cunning and deceit. However, ...


He asked: "is there a place for a spend-the-night." Lin is a noun. It means "one night's lodgings." She replied: "there is a place to lodge." Lun is a verb, "to lodge."


Rav Moshe Shapira explained this as part of a broader approach to the difference between the philosophy of Avraham and that of Shem. To summarize, Shem was an ascetic, and believed in spirituality divorced from physicality. His Torah was the Torah of pure spirituality which does not involve the physicality. He is, therefore, the authority on the ...


This shows us a great lesson always be humble........ like Rashi :-)

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