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A clarification of my post before. A number of Rishonim (Ramban, Yad Rama and more) understand Olam HaBa existence to be a perfect physical and spiritual existence in this world (after Techiyat HaMeitim), not a purely spiritual one as the Rambam explains it. As such, when the Torah in Parshat Bechukotai says that the reward for the Jewish people keeping ...


Well, according to many Rishonim (e.g. Ramban, Yad Rama) and Acharonim (Ramchal), Olam HaBa is not Olam HaNeshamot, but rather is the world after Techiyat HaMeitim, when the physical and spiritual worlds will coincide harmoniously with each other, to become a new Gan Eden. Thus, it would appear that the reward for keeping the Torah in Parashat Bechukotai can ...

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