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The best (English language) source, in my opinion, is Hyam Maccoby's Judaism on Trial: Jewish-Christian Disputations in the Middle Ages (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization; 1982). In it you will find a translation of the Ramban's Vikuach, and of the official church account of that disputation, together with an extensive introduction and commentary. The ...


The list of differences can be found in an appendix to the Minchas Chinuch. Ramban includes all of these positive mitzvos, which the Rambam doesn't Mitzvah 1: Positive mitzvah of eating maaser sheni. Mitzvah 2: Positive mitzvah of not eating impure trumah Mitzvah 3: Positive mitzvah of not selling shvi'is fruits Mitzvah 4: Positive mitzvah of settling ...


You can find the sefer online here, from HebrewBooks.org.



Mishna Torah (Hilchos Megilla v'Chanuka 3:1-3): בבית שני, כשמלכי יון גזרו גזרות על ישראל... וגברו בני חשמונאי הכהנים הגדולים, והרגום, והושיעו ישראל מידם; והעמידו מלך מן הכהנים, וחזרה מלכות לישראל יתר על מאתים שנים, עד החורבן השני. ... ומפני זה התקינו חכמים שבאותו הדור שיהיו שמונת ימים האלו שתחלתן כ"ה בכסליו ימי שמחה והלל ומדליקין בהן הנרות בערב על ...


See this article, which brings 3 opinions about the timeline (Ramban, Rashi, and Zohar). The article (based on a Sicha from the Lubavitcher Rebbe) explains that the three opinions are discussing whether the commandment to make a dwelling place for G-d apply only to a Tzaddik, also a Baal Teshuva, or even a Rasha. The Rebbe then says that "These and these ...


It's in the Kisvei HaRamban. Volume 1, I think.


I spoke about this with my friend and he said something that I feel cogently brings together all of Nahmanides' citations, which I will list: The incense stops the plague (Shabbos 89a) The incense is with the attribute of judgement,They shall place incense in your nostrils (Deut. 33:10), and And my nostrils shall flare (31:17). By the foreign incense ...


at the 7:30 mark in the audio of the following link. http://www.simpletoremember.com/media/a/mishkan-n-human-individuality/

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