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It is printed in the last volume (volume 7) of the Mekhon HaMaor edition of Peirush HaMishnayot.


In Hil. Ishut (24:9), Rambam lists hair covering in public as dat Moshe. In halakhot 11-12, he lists the requirements of dat Yehudit the behaviour that was customary for Jewish women: ואיזו היא דת יהודית, הוא מנהג הצניעות שנהגו בנות ישראל; ואלו הן הדברים שאם עשת אחד מהן, עברה על דת יהודית: יוצאה לשוק או למבוי מפולש וראשה פרוע ואין עליה רדיד כשאר הנשים, ...


There is a relatively famous Rambam (Moreh Nevuchim) who says sheidim (demons) don't exist, which seems to contradict numerous gemaras. Rav Hutner's explanation of this anomaly is that sheidim are the imaginings of the world. Imaginings are not real unless you're talking about them. So, are your imaginings real? No. But if you ask a psychologist if the ...

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