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I have read that one of the reasons for "natural" means is to allow people to refuse to believe that hashem caused the nes. That is, if a miracle occured, then it would prevent bechiras chofshis (free will). In order to allow for free will, hashem has the miracle appear to use "natural law" but occur at precisely the time needed and in precisely the way it ...


This answer will be only according to Rambam since that is what you asked. Tefillin may not be written on gewil and are passul if they are. (Hilchot tefillin 1:9) You can find tefillin written on Rambami klaf, according to the (probably) more accurate girsa about what klaf actually is, from Machon Gewil


Mo`adhim le-simhah, Thanks for your inquiry about obtaining tefillin according to the Yemenite understanding of the Rambam. First, you should know that according to the Mishneh Torah, tefillin are NOT written on gewil, but on galaf (i.e. קלף - parchment) [see Hilkhoth Tefillin 1:3,8,11]. Not only is writing them on gewil not the halakhah, it would not be ...


I found an article by Yaakov Levinger (על הספר 'ביאור שמות קדש וחול' המיוחס לרמב"ם, מחקרי ירושלים במחשבת ישראל ד) which addresses this sefer. He notes that Prof. Saul Lieberman, R. Menachem Mendel Kasher, and others considered the work to be authentic, however, he considers it to clearly be a forgery. His proofs are: in this work, the "Rambam" identifies ...


I have heard Yalkut Yosef is one of the best, most reliable, and easy to understand halachic books in modern age. With its short and simple answers, it praised greatly. It will be a great benefit if anyone can provide a link to the complete Yalkut Yosef or at least part of it. I couldn't find any available book at our location even for online purchase.

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