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The Light of the Ben Ish Chai, by Yerachmiel Bratt. The Ben Ish Chai on Megilas Esther. Page 122 mentions an arabic written commentary of the Rambam on Esther.


Between the מגיד משנה and מגדל עז, both printed in virtually all modern prints of the משנה תורה, at least one shows the source for most statements.


The Rashash wrote a comment called מקורי הרמב"ם here In the Rambam Fraenckel edition you can find all mekorot here. In the Rambam Hashalem moreh shiur of Chabad there is a fine work with sources of each statememt in rambam here An other very interesting book is the book of Rav Menachem Casher about the midrashe Halacha used by the Rambam here

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