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This is a citiaion from "The Chosen Path" - a history of Medieval Jewry by Binyamin Sendler: R’ Yonah b. Avraham certainly saw it in this light. Following is an extract from the letter that his student R’ Hillel HaChasid (of Verona) wrote to R’ Yitzchok HaRofeh: Letter by R’ Hillel HaChasid R’ Yonah of Barcelona (originally of Gerona) was the primary ...


I have 2 possible answers. Per Wikipedia a large part of this Sefer was lost. Perhaps the Sha'arei HaAnavah is part of the lost Sefer. Orchos Tzadikim author is unknown and it has a Sha'arei HaAnavah. Woluld it be possible that this is written by Rabbeinu Yonah?


It is true that Rabbeinu Yonah saw the mass burning of the Talmud in 1242 as evidence that his support for the burning of the Rambam's works in 1233 was a mistake. He made a public confession in the synagogue in Montpellier (in Languedoc, but still in what Jews tend to call Provence) to that effect. There he announced intent to travel to the Rambam's grave ...

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