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רמ"א, תורת העולה, ח"א פרק ו The Rema in תורת העולה, ח"א פרק ו says וכבר כתב חכם אחד שלא טעם טעם שמחה מי שלא טעם התרת הספיקות השכליות and a wise man said that someone who has not tasted the resolution of (intellectual?) doubt has not tasted joy, in connection with שמחת בית השואבה ! Metzudat David is from “18th century David Altschuler” and the ...


The answer seems to be most probably R. Chaim Soloveitchik. Besides for it being wholly consistent with his approach and tradition, this is recorded here here. The first quotes Ishim V'shitos of R. Zevin (p. 65) which ought to be a pretty reliable source.


To add to Avrohom Yitzchok's answer: The B'nei Yissaschar (Sivan 5:13; cf. Kisleiv 3:19) attributes this statement to the Rambam: ואמר הרמב"ם מי שלא טעם טעם התרת הספיקות (בתורה) לא טעם שמחה מימיו Translation: And the Rambam said, "Whoever has not tasted the taste of resolving doubts (in Torah), has not tasted joy all his days." I don't know ...

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