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The non-junk-food items I've most appreciated getting, and that aren't burdensome to prepare or store, include: Durable fresh fruit: apples, oranges, bananas, etc. Berries and other fragile fruits are nice if you can keep them from getting squished during delivery, but that's more work. Dried fruits: raisins, figs, dates, plums, mango, etc. Raisins can be ...


Last year, my community had a program where people would send things that are actually able to be used for the se'udah, with assigned people to give to. We received fresh-baked pitot, much appreciated. (We got them early in the morning, and had nothing for breakfast yet. They didn't last until the se'udah. ;)) We gave a lasagna, also appreciated by the ...


Megillas Ester is actually the only exception to the normal rule that you must hear only the voice of the reader (OK, Hallel also, but no one fulfills Hallel by listening nowadays). Megillah 21b: תנו רבנן בתורה אחד קורא ואחד מתרגם ובלבד שלא יהא אחד קורא ושנים מתרגמין ובנביא אחד קורא ושנים מתרגמין ובלבד שלא יהו שנים קורין ושנים מתרגמין ובהלל ובמגילה ...


Her name was אמתלאי בת עורבתי. ואמר רב חנן בר רבא אמר רב אמיה דאברהם אמתלאי בת כרנבו אמיה דהמן אמתלאי בת עורבתי וסימניך טמא טמא טהור טהור Bava Basra 91a See also my answer to What was Avraham Avinu's mother's name?

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