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As for home remedies, you'd have to ask someone else. (Milk?) The critical point in halacha here is as follows: medication is allowed for someone "very sick" or "in a lot of pain" or "sick all over." Someone who "eh feels a little something funny" can't use anything medicinal, only things that healthy people normally consume. Scimonster pointed out that if ...


Shmirat Shabbat C'hilchatah, 33:16: מי שמצטער הרבה מחוסר שינה, מותר לו לקחת כדורי-שינה. Someone who suffers greatly from lack of sleep (insomnia) is allowed to take sleeping pills. (my translation) If even sleeping pills are allowed, some tea should certainly be OK.


See Does Down Syndrome make one a Shoteh? . Generally, they are obligated in whatever mitzvot their consciousness can support. If someone's actions indicate they're completely disconnected from reality (hard to define), then they could reach the threshold of a shoteh and be exempted from everything. There are 50 places in Rambam's code where he takes for ...

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