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you have to distinguish between arrogance and self-esteem. according to the Shaarei Avodah by Rabeinu Yona, the foundation of Avodas Hashem (religious service) and life is recognizing one's own self worth. from Rabbi Zev Leff see there for more hence, the "good" self-esteem is to recognize one's ...


As the Ma'amar explains, all these attributes are inherently bad. I understand this as chassidus explains that midos are from klipas noga, which inherently isn't holy but can be transformed to holiness (eg food, parchment etc). He explains that if you're going to use self confidence for making yourself feel good important among the affluent, then it's not ...


He means in depends which direction you are heading in. I.e. you should be able to modulate your feelings of self-esteem or the reverse to pull yourself in the opposite direction which nature is pulling you towards. Let's say you have forgotten God from an abundance of goodness, then you should lower your self esteem. And vice-versa.

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