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Salamone de Rossi, a renaissance composer, wrote an Adon Olam. The base line sounds like the modern tune to my ears. YouTube link.


When The Village Stompers first released it in 1963, we believed that it was indeed an instrumentalization of (an already existing tune for) Adon Olam. I do not know if they ever "officially" announced it as such, but it seemed obvious (to us) that it was the same. I do know that we used it at summer camp. I think that the summer camp was the summer before, ...


Nitei Gavriel - Aveilus 2 67:3 says that after searching in all the Sefarim of many different Kehilos, Chevra Kadishas, and Aveilus, he could not find a source for an unveiling. He mentions on the bottom that the Steipler was once discussing this with his son Reb Chaim Kanievsky, and he said that it is most likely not of Jewish origin.

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