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Nitei Gavriel Pesach 2 Chapter 105:6:7 brings it in the name of the Shela 170:1 which bases this Minhag on Mesechtas Sofrim 14:18.


Although מרגלים is a term used to refer to spies throughout Tanach (such as the brothers of Yosef as alleged spies [B'reishis 42:9,11,14,16], the spies who spied out the Land of Israel in the days of Y'hoshua [Y'hoshua 2:1; ibid. 6:21,23], and the spies dispatched by David to locate Shaul [Sh'muel I 26:4]), the noun itself is not used to describe the spies ...


The Encyclopaedia Judaica, cited in the Wikipedia article linked in the comments above, states as follows: Eḥad Mi Yode'a is first found in Haggadot of the 16th century and only in those of the Ashkenazi ritual. Many scholars believed that it originated in Germany in the 15th century. Perles showed its similarity to a popular German pastoral song, "Guter ...


Per Nitei Gavriel Nisuin 1 17:7:13 the source of מי אדיר is Sefer Birchas Hamazon Dierenfort 452, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 147:65 Per Yismach Lev page 82 the source of מיבן שיח is Machzor Vitri 325.

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