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Luach Hahalachos Uminhagim - 5771 page 30 - note 13 says this is based on the Chayai Adam 139:5 & Elef Hamagain 40 Chayai Adam 139:5 says that one should say תכתב ותחתם לאלתר לחיים טובים Elef Hamagain 40 says one should add Ulishilom


The concept of the unveiling stems from the need to mark the clearly mark the grave-site. Removing the cloth from stone symbolizes erecting the tombstone. Making sure that the grave-site is marked properly is a form of honoring the deceased. In this sense, it would appear that removing the cloth is a similar gesture to placing a stone on the grave-site (a ...


The newer Madrikh, by Rabbi Bulka, says the point is for the family to get together to make sure the tombstone is properly in-place (hence the Hebrew term, "hakamat matzeiva"); he then says the "unveiling" practice, whereby the stone is first covered by a cloth and then given a dramatic reveal, "has no basis in Jewish practice whatsoever." (Me: yet it ...

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