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From torah.org: Rambam rules (as is the ruling of the Gemara; see below) that both "audible" and "careful" reading of K'riat Sh'ma are desiderata L'khat'hilah but are not indispensable. The Mishnah in Berakhot (2:3) cites the following two disputes: "If someone read K'riat Sh'ma and did not hear his own reading, (R. Yehuda says:*) Yatza, R. ...


The opinion of the Minchat Shai (and most commentators, from what I can tell), is that a meteg on a short vowel in a closed syllable is almost always a euphonic meteg (there for stress or to stop you from swallowing a syllable, but not for the vowel quality), and thus does not affect the following shva. See also Geoffrey Khan's The Tiberian Pronunciation of ...


Minchas Shay says it's a matter of dispute: יש מרז״ל מפרשים אותו קדש ויש מפרשים אותו חול עיין ב״ר וחולין פרק גיד הנשה ועיין מ״ש סוף פ׳ ויצא Some of our rabbis explain it as holy, and some explain it as secular. See B'reshis Raba and Chulin (the chapter Gid hanashe) and see what I wrote at the end of the section Vayetze. Following the links: ...


Onkelos translates: וַאֲמַר, לָא יַעֲקוֹב יִתְאֲמַר עוֹד שְׁמָךְ--אֱלָהֵין יִשְׂרָאֵל: אֲרֵי רָב אַתְּ קֳדָם יְיָ וְעִם גֻּבְרַיָּא, וִיכֵילְתָּא And he said 'No longer shall your name be called Jacob-- rather Israel: For you have contended before God and with man, and been able. So Elokim seems appropriate, per his translation. Targum Pseudo ...


Danno's answer pretty much covers it. I would also recommend:http://www.ramaz.org/nusach/index.html, especially for good Ashkenazi davening. If you want resources for leining (reading Torah), this is a good website: http://learntrope.com/


Also try "Virtual Cantor": http://www.virtualcantor.com. It has .mp3 files that can be downloaded.

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