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Good Moed: As referenced above - Rashi - in the concluding Rashi of The Torah quotes maseches "Shabbos" (87a) where HaShem says to Moshe - "יישר כוחך ששברת". Grammatically, the phrase would be pronounced as "Yishar Kochacha" - may your strength be made straight. In the Hoshanos in the Artscroll Siddur, the word is written as "Yishar" - see page 738. Also, ...


Every qamatz at the last syllable with maqaf and another word must be qamats qatan, otherwise the baale hamassora would place a taam miqra in the word "kol".


I don't think any word in biblical Hebrew does this but technically a ט with a shewa followed by a ש constructs the same sound.

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