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Rabbi Moshe Feinstein writes in the Igros Moshe Orach Chaim vol 5 siman 20 subsection 32 that it is more important to repeat it when reading it in parshas Ki Seitzei than in parshas Zachor. But, just for the record, the Vilna Gaon also repeated it during Ashrei, and no one seems to have accepted that practice.


The only source that exists for the Zeicher/Zecher reading is the Mishna Berura, as discussed here. He only mentions this stringency for parshat Zechor, and not for parshat Ki Teitzei. As to your assertion that many have a minhag of saying both - I'm not convinced that it's accurate. For a start Sefardim and Yekkes have not adpated this Safek. BTW: Rabbi ...

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