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If you are Ashkenazi, having the words כָל חַי next to each other sound weird because the khaf and the chet have the same pronunciation amongst Ashkenazim, and i think it sounds weird to them. This isn't an issue amongst Sephardim who distinguish between chet and khaf. The reason i bring up the sounding weird is because i have no idea why anyone would ...


I checked Artscroll, Koren (a machzor, but that shouldn't matter), Sim Shalom (used by Conservative), Tehilot Hashem (nusach Ari, used by Chabad), and Gates of Prayer (older Reform siddur). All have כָּל. The OP then said in a comment that the siddur in question is Mishkan T'filah, the current Reform siddur. I just checked that and, sure enough, the ...

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