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Here are three Torah podasts that I have found valuable, and that I think could fit your needs. All of them are ongoing, updated at least weekly. Torah Tidbits Audio is a weekly radio show by Phil Chernofsky. His main focus is the weekly parsha along with any upcoming holidays. He also likes to talk about the Jewish calendar, the land of Israel, and the ...


Really, it should be Danny Schoemann giving this answer, but i'll do him a favor and recommend his Halocho a Day blog. It has English language, intermediate level halachot, and can be quite informative. In fact, i'm adding it to my reading list right now. :)


As far as parsha podcasts go, I highly recommend the Pardes Podcast, produced by the eponymous institute. It is weekly updated with a good d'var torah from varying rabbis at the institute, and generally these tend to be good, serious looks at the Torah, pretty well informed by traditional rabbinic sources.

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