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I always found army surplus bags perfect for everything. Hundreds of different sizes and shapes, materials, and usually any color you want as long as it's green. EBay and other places. Isaac suggested some recommendations: I find the Swiss Army bread bags nice. You've seen them. They fold like, interestingly enough, a clam. One side is leather and in some ...


Rav Schwab on Prayer (compiled from taped lectures under the editorship of his eldest son Rav Moses L. Schwab) Iyun Tefilla, Hebrew version of "Rav Schwab on Prayer" Rabbi Shimon Schwab was officially "retired," but his mind and conscience never rested. Always a great thinker and teacher, he turned his attention to the Siddur.


As for me, My Prayer by Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel is such a book. It doesn't have quite the academic bent that your question implies, but it does give the history of the prayers and why they are placed where they are. It does not much touch on the variety of customs in different communities.


Yalkut Yosef. It is an authoritative, contemporary work of Halakha, providing a detailed explanation of the Shulchan Aruch.


Reb Meir Stern gives a weekly Rambam shiur. During Elul Zman he learns the Rambam on Teshuvah.


Iyunei Deah by Rabbi Ullman. It contains a collection of investigations ('iyunim') into Hilchos Yoreh Deah based on the bechinos of Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Isur v'Heter (melicha, basar b'chalav, ta'arovos) and Nida.


Reb Meir Stern teaches Rambam Hilchos Teshuva like I have written elsewhere. I would recommend you listen to a shiur on the Rambam from YUTorah etc.

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