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Before you mentioned the English requirement, I would have suggested the articles published here, and since they're good articles, I'm going to keep them as part of the answer anyway. Additionally, in Hebrew, there is the great book by Yisrael Yuval, חכמים בדורם... but since you're looking for books in English, I'm afraid the only one that I know of is ...


A couple of options that have worked for me in the past: Ebay is your friend. I'm currently seeing a few dozen single volumes for sale there, although obviously the selection will fluctuate. I've had good luck getting single volumes at used book sales and used book stores. Stores that focus exclusively on new books won't be much help here. What metro area ...


Online you can contact http://www.jewishusedbooks.com/ which sells individual volumes. In Lakewood there is a Sefarim store in the basement of the Capital Hotel that sells used Sefarim and sells many individual volumes.


If you live in NYC, Beigeleisen (sp?) on 16th avenue in Brooklyn, and the other store two doors down from them (forget the name) both sell used sefarim out-of-set.


Wow! A Lewandowski fan, like me! I thought I'd never find one! I learned and sang some of his compositions when I was part of the Yeshiva Univ. cantorial choir, years ago. I recommend that you contact the Belz School of Jewish Music, as I'm quite certain that someone there may point you in the right direction. Cantor Bernard Beer is still directing it and ...


Many years ago, a group of us were in a summer camp for a convention. A chattan who got lost trying to find the camp he was supposed to go to, abandoned his car on the road b/c Shabbat was approaching, and walked up the hill to the first camp he found, which was ours. Lucky, someone was there as it was technically after the normal camp season, and we had ...

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