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Of the old Hashkafah.com regulars who have moved to another forum in the past few years, it seems to me that the majority have moved to iShtetl. A post by H.com user "ijs" confirmed my hunch that many users had left within the last few years. A post by H.com user "33948" inspired me to investigate the hypothesis that most moved to iShtetl. My investigation ...


If you need to order online, you could try Oter Yisrael - even though they don't seem to have those items for sale, they are very friendly and may ship you individual items. (Personal recommendation; I've bought many pairs of Tefilin from them over the past 30 years for my brothers and sons.) Another place which has an online presence with a very good ...


There are lots of high fat kosher for Pesach foods. I included gebrochts options, but even without that there's still a lot. Fleishiks: Dark chicken also has a fair amount of fat, especially the skin. You can get chicken wings, which have a high skin-to-meat ratio. Liver is high fat, as are gizzards (kurkeban, in Hebrew). If you're feeling adventurous, you ...


The website of Hassidut Modzitz (in Hebrew) has many interesting recording of their niggunim. Modzitz Hassidim are actually known as one of the dynasties that give the greatest importance to music.

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