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Generally with other ulta-orthodox baalei t'shuva or other people with similar backgrounds. That is a good idea, regardless, as the compatibility is more likely to be there. (The only exception to your list is persons of color - my observation is that they tend to find a person of a different color who doesn't have a hangup about it). In addition, There are ...


Many baal-teshuva yeshivas in Israel specialize in making shiduchim, often between their talmidim and an affiliated girls' seminary. For example, I attended a yeshiva in Jerusalem made up mostly of baalei teshuva (already frum; not a kiruv yeshiva). During my time there, many students became engaged and married, often to students at the yeshiva's sister ...


This is less than an answer but more than a comment -- if you hear they're suggesting a shidduch that's ridiculously "out of your league", it's probably too good to be true -- e.g. s/he's related to a big-name rosh yeshiva, but they're not telling you that the actual person in question has severe behavioral problems.

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