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http://ns6t.net/azimuth/ creates Azimuthal Equidistant Projections for any point. Set Location as Jerusalem, and Distance as about 20,000.


here you go: http://www.docdroid.net/rko0/kefayet.pdf.html and a review by a scholar you should be sure to read: ...


It is available at www.aron-hasofrim.co.il for 525 Shekel. It is also available by www.lehmanns.co.uk for 67.50 pounds,


Oz vehadar makes no-frills 5 and 6 volume sets. My 5 volume set is about 8 inches tall, and each volume is about 2 inches wide. There are a number of places to get them in the US. They run around $110-130, though you can probably find them cheaper during a sale. The all paperback 20 volume set is $80. You can even purchase them directly from Oz Vehadar in ...


History There were several (many) nusakhoth among the Jews of Spain and Portugal before the expulsion from the Spanish realms (including Southern Italy and several other European possessions) in 1492. In Spain itself, there were several streams. In Castilla and Andalusia, the Rambam was widely accepted. Although, he may not have been exclusively ...


Dr. Aviad Yehiel Hollander, secretary of the Jewish Law Association, has posted a recent article from R. Zvi Stampfer on his groundbreaking work on Rambam's commentary on masekhet Ketubot from the Talmud Yerushalmi. This includes manuscripts recently identified from the Fustat geniza that were not available to Prof. Lieberman when he published his work on ...


I would recommend a few different texts. Chiefly, since you are looking for something basic and fundamental, I would encourage you to check out Yitzhak Frank, Grammar for Gemara and Targum Onkelos (Jerusalem, 2009). He goes into detail as regards the relationship of different Aramaic dialects to one another, their relationship with Hebrew (Biblical and ...


i recommend that instead of a book you listen to a 5 part lecture series from Web Yeshiva featuring Rabbi Dovid Fink who goes into the exact details you are looking for. The signup is free, and you can download the videos. http://www.webyeshiva.org/class.php?cid=1179


The best Nusach Asheknaz siddur is AndDaven https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saraandshmuel.anddaaven&hl=en Tfilon (mentioned above) is not proper Nusach Ashkenaz. For example Psukei D'Zimra has some definite Nusach Sefarad text. For example Yishtabach is not Nusash Ashkenaz.


It's not available that I know of (other than possible illegal copies). However, it is available in both print and electronic forms from JTS/Schoken Books. Hope that this helps. Kol tuv.

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