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Nice timing, Terri! A couple of weeks ago I was given a pile of books, and in it was one called Finding Our Fathers: A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy by Dan Rottenberg. It has step by step instructions for finding out information about your Jewish relatives. It also has a list of over 2000 Jewish names in the back, with information about what families are ...


R' Shimshon Pinkus published a sefer called ברכות בחשבון (that's breichos, not brachos) which goes through the song Mi Yodeya and explains the philosophical significance of each one and how it fits in to the chain of the song. His thesis is that the words of the refrain are not מה אחד מי יודע - "who knows what there is one of" - but rather "אחד מי יודע" - ...

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