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You are correct. Mishna Chullin 4:2: המבכרת המקשה לילד, מחתך אבר אבר ומשליך לכלבים.יצא רבו, הרי זה יקבר , ונפטרה מן הבכורה.‏ An animal that has a difficult time birthing its first offspring, the fetus can be cut into pieces and thrown to the dogs (Bartenura -- it is not holy). If most of it came out, it should be buried (Bartenura -- it ...


Whether to concider a stillborn as the firstborn or not would depend on the stage of developement of the fetus and other variables, See Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De'ah 305:22 & 23, with various commentaries and their opinions. But if you are discussing an early term abortion, before the fetus has human form than all would agree that the next child would be ...

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