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Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 551:17 says: טוב ליזהר מלומר שהחיינו בין המצרים על פרי או על מלבוש אבל על פדיון הבן אומר ולא יחמיץ המצוה It is good to avoid saying Shehechianu in the three weeks on a fruit or clothing, but on a Pidyon HaBen he says it and doesn't postpone the Mitzvah. The Magein Avraham (s.v. ולא יחמץ המצוה) quotes the Maharil as saying ...


You're correct. From a technical standpoint of Jewish law, at the time of conception the father was not Jewish and therefore no blood relation is recognized vis-a-vis the father. There are practical reasons why it would be better for the father to be Jewish, for instance all the ingredients in the kitchen could be kosher, but in some cases the food isn't ...

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