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The Mishna in Niddah 8:3 records a case of a woman coming to ask Rebbi Akiva a niddah shailah. מעשה באשה אחת שבאת לפני רבי עקיבא, אמרה לו, ראיתי כתם. אמר לה, שמא מכה היתה ביך. אמרה לו, הן, וחיתה. אמר לה, שמא יכולה להגלע ולהוציא דם. אמרה לו, הן. וטהרה רבי עקיבא. This implies that the woman can go, although it's always possible that she wasn't ...


Following that statement in Eruvin is an attempt to understand what it might mean. One possibility, which appears at the top of Eruvin 7 amud 1, is that only when one finds two tannas or two amoras that argue in an argument about which Bes Shamay and Bes Hilel argued does one have to follow one fully, and not partially one and partially the other. In your ...

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