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Just a thought - one of the components of the prohibition of lifnei iver is giving bad advice (Sefer Hachinuch). Some use this to explain how helping someone violate a Rabbinical prohibition could be catergorized as a Biblical violation of lifnei iver, because it is bad advice to do so. So if someone would ask you whether or not they should hooble, and you ...


All of the dinim can be found in YD 242:31 in the Rema. The Shach there disagrees with a lot of the Rema's psakim, but the Aruch Hashulchan says we hold like the Rema over the Shach on this one (there's no Mishnah Brura since its in YD)


I think that the source of this concept - a Semicha with a caveat - is in the Yerushalmi Chagiga Perek 1 Halacha 8 (Daf 7a Vilna edition). First it dsicusses that one can give a limited Semicha, then in the 2nd wide line: מהו למנות זקינים לימים? נישמעינה מן הדא: ר׳ חייה בר בא אתא לגבי רבי לעזר אמר ליה פייס לי לרבי יורן נשייא דיכתוב לי חדא איגרא ...


As far as #2, the Chazon Ish actually quoted and adressed the Mishna Berurah extensively, therefore his hasagos and sometimes other chidushim are printed along with it. He never focused on the Aruch Hashulchan so his chidushim have no place in the Aruch Hashulchan. Regarding #1 which was answered many times over I will add that the world has evolved who ...

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