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If the information is related before three people, then it is considered publicly known, and should one of the three repeat it, he is not guilty of lashon hara , as long as his intent was not to spread it as much as possible. (Rambam, Hilchos Deos 7:5) Therefore, one may repeat anything heard from a public news source, and it is not considered lashon ...


With regard to question #3: According to Prof. Eugene Fidell of Yale Law School, who is an expert on government labor law and the military criminal la, the congregant would have no defense to a charges of unlawful disclosure of classified information if he disclosed classified info to s civillian rabbi. Therefore, the annswer to question #2 is moot. His ...


In an apparently-open letter dated October 3, 1984, R' Moshe Feinstein urged Jews in the United States to vote as a means of expressing hakaras hatov (appreciation) for the democratic system in the United States, which allows for a safe haven in which Jews can live and practice Judaism. The letter did not say anything about influencing government policy.

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