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I can answer the second part of your question. The pasuk is quoted in order to make a "Gezairas Shava" between the two words "נְטוּיָה" in order to show that the word נְטוּיָה refers to a sword. A "Gezairas Shava" is one of the exegesic principle by which the Torah is elucidated. The basic premise of Gezairas Shava is that the occurrence of the same word in ...


A weapon with a long blade for cutting or thrusting (source) Or this one (Avoda Zara 20b), a more fascinating description here אמרו עליו על מלאך המות שכולו מלא עינים, בשעת פטירתו של חולה עומד מעל מראשותיו וחרבו שלופה בידו, וטיפה של מרה תלויה בו As mentioned here, by Mida KeNeged Mida, Hashem punished the Egyptians with a sword since they thought to ...


From this cached page: בשעת אמירת "עשרת המכות" שופך הגר"מ יין לתוך קערה, והמסובים מכריזים "ה' יצילנו" על כל מכה ומכה After every one of the 10 plagues, after spilling out some wine the communal response is Hashem Yatzilenu - may Hashem guard over us.

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