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According to Rashi, peshuto shel Mikra (the actual meaning), there's nothing that points to him actually being Shlumiel ben Tzurishaddai in the literal sense (in fact, the opposite is implied when Rashi mentions that he was the head of only one family) and seemingly the Gemara in Sanhedrin (82b) is seen as Agadeta. Aggadeta is not necessarily the posheter ...


The mishna says הבועל ארמית קנאין פוגעין בו. This is a limited law for only one specific case of a sexual sin. The gemara limits further and says that one can only kill the perpetrators in the case where they are in the middle of the act and when the act is performed in public (as in the case of Pinchas). The Rambam brings this law in Mishneh Torah Sefer ...


I don't remember where I saw this explanation, it was a while ago. It might have been in one of these, either in Pinchas or in the Yom Tov volume. They quote someone who suggested that one of שעיר and שעיר עזים refers to Edom and the other refers to Yishmael. I don't remember which is which (although the Ibn Ezra in the פירוש הארוך in Shemot 23:19 says ...


I think you answered the question yourself! By קהת, it says ״נשא את־ראש בני קהת מתוך בני לוי״. However, by Shlumiel, it says ״נשיא בית אב לשמעוני״, he was the head of the household for the household of shimon.


Actually if you look carefully, by the time the story concludes it's become all about the followers and henchmen; Korach is pretty much moot. The verse actually says the pit swallowed Dasan, Aviram, and Korach's stuff. By the time a fight gets big, whatever cause was technically the original spark is often forgotten.

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