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First of all reb Moshe Feinstein emphatically asserts that childbirth in its proper time is absolutely not a sakana. See Igros Moshe Yoreh deah 2 siman 74 & in Orach Chayim 4 siman 105 ois 6. Its only when playing around with nature by bringing on early labor through medication that a woman is put in sakana. Second of all harm for healing is allowed, ...


It does not depend on if he is Jewish or not. It depends on if they will keep more Mitzvos. For a observant Jew and a Ger Toshav you have to violate Shabbos to save there life. Anyone else you cannot. http://www.aishdas.org/student/shabbat.htm#_edn7


Halachapedia suggests: A person who is a Choleh SheEin Bo skana is permissible to take medicine on Yom Kippur if it doesn’t have a good taste. If one needs to have it with liquid one should have mouthwash. The footnote for the above links to rav Schachter's Halachot of Yamim Nora'im. (I can't access that in my current browser. My own opinion on the above ...

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