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There are many different views on this topic, Gil Student cites some of them here. Below is my personal opinion on this weighty topic. I think such an exchange is forbidden. While the mitzvah to redeem captives is extremely important, the Mishnah says they cannot be redeemed for more than their value. The gemara gives 2 explanations for this - either ...


Rabbi Mordechai Eliyhu Shlita says that it is the true Mitzva of Pidyon Shevuyim to help Jonathan Pollard. This is due to the fact that he endangered himself in order to help the Jewish nation.


You must remember that this victory was a miracle. Rashi brings an opinion that Avraham and Eliezer alone fought the actual fight. So the question may be when is it more preferable to have a miracle and not what were the tactics at that time.

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