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Yes, the child would need to redeem himself when he grows up. (Mishna Bechorot 8:1, ShA YD 305:20)


In my experience (having being the Cohen receiving the pidyon haben money), a Cohen who does many pidyonei banim will often own his own set of 5 silver shekalim (I do not, but was gifted a set by someone to whom I later regifted it). The Cohen will then sell the silver coins to the father for an agreed upon amount of money, and the father will then use ...


The answer is from my own experience as a bechor. :) Or at least what i've been told about it... When i was born (<20 years ago) my parents used 5 silver dollar coins for the pidyon, in accordance with common practice (and i suppose what their rabbi said). The kohen returned the money to us as a gift later (which my parents then gifted to me). I am told ...


At my son's Pidyon HaBen, I went to a coin store and bought 10 silver half dollars. The kohen kept them. I was then in the Chabura learning Yoreh Deah in Bais Medrash Govoha. The Kohen was Rav Shmuel Meir Katz, even then was involved in p'sak in the Yeshiva. Now he is an accepted poseik for decades. As for the legal status of the money, it's clear from the ...

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