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As explained in the source referenced here he started with Navi due to the poverty of a good collection of Mefarshim, Rashi on Nach is a more advanced pirush that doesn't explain the words the way his Pirush on the Torah does and there was a general lack of expert knowledge on Nach to learn from (I would say that part hasn't improved). So in other words, he ...


Sefaria has an API that will serve it up as a JSON object.


Mechon Mamre's "תיקון קוראים" (also downloadable) has each word of the Pentateuch in a separate span element; pasuk-final words have different attributes in those elements. This is thus a machine-parseable Pentateuch with machine-parseable delineation of p'sukim, which seems to be what you seek.


To be on the sanhedrin one requirement was knowledge of all 70 languages. Moshe Rabbeinu was shakul kineged beis din shel shivim (equal to a 70-member court of law), so off the bat I'm willing to assume he knew all 70 (as it was required to know all 70 languages to be a member of the Sanhedrin). Plus we know that Yosef knew all 70, so its likely the ...

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