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The following is a footnote from an as yet unpublished Haggadah Yalkut (compiled by me). It discusses a possible 'origin' , or at least influence, on Echad Mi Yodea. Shmuel bet 24:1-14 tells us that the mageifa, a plague sent in the aftermath of David’s ill-advised census, should have lasted for 72 hours. Meam Loez, based on Pesikta Rabbati, informs us ...


In Israel, only the first night is a full holiday, and as such, the Seder is only ever on the first night. In the Diaspora, both the first and second nights are full holidays. The Seder should be done on both nights. If, for some reason, someone is really only able to do one of them, it should be the first. This is because the first night is a Biblical ...

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