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A friend encourages attendees at his seder to use two haggadot. One is common to all, and very cheap. He also encourages people to use a second haggada with commentary that appeals to them. For some this is transliteration, or Sephardic practice (the main haggada is Ashkenazic). For others it is alternate readings, or pictures, or actual commentary, etc. ...


You may want to consider using Hagada - Mi Yodeya? Our companion to the Passover Hagada, featuring questions practice, lore, and thought spanning the Seder, from preparations to closing. That should make things interesting. :)


A few things that can help to engage people in the Seder: Acquire a stack of interesting Haggadot with commentaries in addition to a complete set of identical ones. Give everyone their own unique Haggadah and encourage them to find something interesting from it to share at the appropriate point in the Seder. Prepare a conversational question and go ...

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