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Since Hagadas have complete Pesukim they are considered a sacred object. Thus the correct way to dispose of them is to place them in Geniza. Here is a link explaining Geniza.


I had a friend look into this and he messaged me as follows: I'm not such an expert of Arizal seforim but it seems a source for this is Pri Eitz Chaim Shaar Chag Hamatzos Perek Zayin, and the top matza is chochmo, second is bina and the bottom is daas. This would mean that the Cohen matza correspons to chochma, the Levi to bina and the Yisrael to da'as....


Both Rav Judah's and Rabbi Johanan's opinions are followed nowadays. During Hallel at the Seder, we say various chapters of Psalms (115-118, specifically), followed by a paragraph beginning "They shall praise Thee, O Lord our God" (יהללוך ה׳ אלקינו in Hebrew). It is this paragraph that Rav Judah was referring to. We then continue with Psalm 136 and Rabbi ...

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