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(building on yez's answer) have heard rabbi becher say in his shiurim that the soul without the nefesh (which is associated with and bound to the body even after death to some extent) is like an intellect without a personality.


Many Jewish thinkers have actually challenged your assumption that the body is merely a "vessel" for the soul. I'll just copy and paste from an answer of mine elsewhere: R' Yaakov Weinberg in Fundamentals and Faith explains that the resurrection of the dead implies a profound and fundamentally necessary understanding of the relationship between the body ...


As Rabbi Yaacov Dovid Lach explains in his book Chullin Illuminated they are a fibrous adhesion that connect parts of the lungs to each other or to the surrounding walls of the chest cavity. In healthy lungs they are not present and thus indicate a problem. The exact nature of this problem is a matter of dispute (it either is caused by a previously present ...


It's a type of scab that forms over a hole in the lungs.

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