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As quoted here: One should preferably keep his feet entirely together during the Amida, though those who keep only the heels together have authorities on whom to rely (Halacha Berura).


See this article from yeshiva.org.il which quotes השו"ע על פי הגמרא: שיהיו רגליו צמודות זו לזו עד שנראה כאלו שתיהן הן רגל אחת. מקור הלכה זו נלמד מספר יחזקאל, מתוך תיאור המלאכים בזמן עמידתם לפני ה', שכתוב עליהם "ורגליהם רגל ישרה", כלומר נראים כרגל אחת the Shulchan Oruch according to the Gemoro that the two feet have to appear as one foot. ...


Didn't see a source for this anywhere, so don't think it's authoritative. In Kabbalistic thought, there's the concept that some things draw nourishment from higher things. With the concept of חנוך לנער על פי דרכו, if the baby is meant to draw nourishment from the mother, God made it easier for him. Note: without the Kabbalistic part, Answers.com says the ...


The Shulchan Aruch 61:5 writes: נוהגין ליתן ידיהם על פניהם בקריאת פסוק ראשון כדי שלא יסתכל בדבר אחר שמונעו מלכוין: And the Mishna Brurah 17 explains it as: ידיהם - ר"ל יד ימין The Rivevos Ephraim 4:44:97 brings two ideas one that one takes both hands the left in the right and covers their eyes so they cant see and be disturbed from their kavana. He also ...

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