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Rashi's quote from the text is "את-אמתה" so his question must arise from within the quote or from the quote's relationship with the context. He may have been dissatisfied with understanding the quote as 'her handmaiden' because that would raised the following questions: 1) Why does the text specify who was sent? (It was 'only' a maidservant, after all. ...


Rabbi Ribner and Dr. Rosenfeld recommend using tampons pre-marriage in A Newlywed's Guide to Physical Intimacy‌​. The authors are affiliated with Yeshiva University.


It is a common myth that tampons can affect the hymen or take a woman's virginity. If you just google "tampons and hymens," you'll find a host of different sources confirming that the opening for menstrual flow is plenty large enough to fit a tampon and your finger/applicator. Since a tampon does not affect the hymen, I don't know why it would affect a ...

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