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The reason why we close the eyes of someone who passed away is to show the idea of techiyas hameisim just like when someone sleeps he closes his eyes and when he awakes he opens them so to the dead will reopen their eyes with techiyas hamaisim (nishmas chaim maimer beis perek chof hey) Another reason is brought in lechem haponim siman shin lamed tes We ...


Mourning in Halacha, p 50 says Then the eyes of the deceased are gently closed and he is covered with a white cloth. He gives the sources as: Gesher HaChaim 3 (this may be the link) Ma'avor Yabok (Sifsei Rannenus 9) “They cover the face of the deceased so that the accusers should not increase his suffering by gazing upon his face and forehead where a ...

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