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The most straightforward reading -- I'd say this is based on the Talmud -- is that it's miraculous. And only works if the husband has been behaving himself too, and if this is a rare and shocking event. Hence it stopped working sometime during the Second Temple period. (In effect, normally if a husband warned his wife not to hang around with Billy Bob, and ...


That Chattas is for becoming Tammei. Rebbi Elazar Hakafar is being Medayek only from the words מאשר חטא על הנפש, which simply mean that he became Tammei from the Nefesh of the dead. But the phrasing of the Pasuk makes it look like he hurt a Nefesh. Rebbe Elazar Hakafar is saying that this hint has the negative attitude. It is not the theme of the whole ...

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