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Magid Meisharim in Shmos (Parsha) says that Korach was born when Moshe slay the Mitzri. There is close to Ten opinions as to how old Moshe was at that time (see Toras Shleimah ibid.) Based on classic Midrashim Moshe was either 20 or 40. This would make Korach 42 or 62.


When Moshe Rabbeinu says אתה והם he is only talking to Korach. Here he is addressing Korach and his crew. There is no other easy for the Torah to describe this. He is addressing them by calling on them as "כל עדתו". He might be also hinting at the message of the wife of On ben Peles, that they don't gain by fighting Moshe since they are still not leaders. ...


Rav Hirsch connects 16 and 17 to state that this is addressed to everyone who would even think of backing Korach. The pretense was of "equal rights" but the truth was that only one person would survive attempting to bring the incense. Remember, that even Nadav and Avihu, who were eligible to inherit the role of Kohen Gadol, died as a result of improperly ...


Inside it will only be seen by Cohanim, and not many of them either. On the outside alter it was seen by Leviim and Yisroelim. Edit: It is supposed to be constant reminder for the generations to see, point to, and learn from. Subtle signs are hardly enough for hotheads. We want to stop them long before they are holding by forcing their way in.

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