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If you look in rashi and the gemara you will see that he did some very bad things on a very regular basis. Midrash does not make stuff up. Midrash is just a word to refer to parts of the gemara. You are right that without the torah shebaal peh it makes no sense, but that is a foundation of our faith; God gave Moshe the torah shebichsav and torah shebaal peh, ...


It tells us that she should be impure for the same amount of time for giving birth to either a boy or a girl. But that her time of impurity is cut short when giving birth to a boy so that she may rejoice in the brit milah and celebrations without worry of impurity. Source when i get home.


Maybe uncleaness isn't the issue in a literal sense but in biological terms. It takes time for a woman's hormones to level out before she can safely conceive again without producing a child with abnormalities or birth defects. So she's unfit for intercourse during this time.


See Malbim's explanation. The gist of what he states is: Haman had planned to tell Achashverosh about his plan to hang Mordechai. When he arrives at the palace (while he was supposedly sleeping, yet - not what Zeresh advised, as she said to go in the morning),not only does Haman not have a chance to tell Achashverosh of his plans, but he ends up leading his ...


The Targum there translates it as "זרעא דצדיקיא"; righteous seed. She could have known earlier that Mordechai was Jewish, but not specifically righteous. See also Gemorah Megilah 16b which interprets this line as, ”If Mordechai desends from the tribes of Yehudah etc. you will not not be able to prevail over him. However, if he is from one of the other ...


Alshich explains that if Mordechai is the progeny of King Saul...................... Seems like everyone knew that Mordechai was a Jew, however they did not know what his roots were.


The Baal HaTurim writes in Genesis (5: 11): ותמלא הארץ. ב' דסמיכי הכא ואידך ותמלא הארץ אותם. שהארץ עצמה היתה מלאה מהם שהיו יולדות ששה בכרס אחד והיו נבלעים תחת הקרקע ואח''כ מבצבצים ועולים והכי נמי הארץ עצמה היתה מלאה חמס שהיה מפקיד כיסו אצל חברו ואפרסמון עמו והיה הנפקד מניח הכיס עם האפרסמון תחת הקרקע עם אוצרותיו והמפקיד בא בלילה ומריח האפרסמון ולוקח הכל: ...

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