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In a 1998 article in the journal Sinai, Ilana Katzenellenbogen examined the history of the division of the weekly Torah portion into seven ‘aliyot. 1 Many scholars, both traditional and academic, had assumed that the division as printed in standard humashim has been in existence since Geonic or even Talmudic times;2 however, ...


There is scarce mention in the Talmud of specific Parshas as we know them. The only Parshiyos named are Tetzaveh, Ki Sisa, and Vayakhel (Megillah 29b-30a). Other than that, there is mention of certain sections of the Torah being read at certain times of the year (for example, the curses of Toras Kohanim before Shavuos - Megillah 31b), but no mention of any ...

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