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Read Rashi's commentary on the prophets. He does not address how Judaism considered each prophet in view of Gods instruction. We assume they did or they would not have accepted their prophecies. But, he does go into great detail on the historical fulfillment of the elements of the prophecies.


No, Jewish sources do not go detail about the test (if any) administered for each of the accepted Jewish prophets, which is what you are looking for. There are discussions of which situations are considered failures of prophetic prediction which prove a prophet false, such as the Rambam's commentary on the Mishna, which I translated here. But this is a ...


It's written, I believe, but don't know where, that women are exempt from coming 3 times a year to the Beis Hamikdash, because only males are commanded, but they still have to go to Yerushalayim because of the Mitzva of Simchas Yom Tov. Which implies that there is a Mitzva of Simcha of all Sholosh Regolim. Since I don't know the source I can't check the ...

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