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The world was created in 7 days because that makes it the kind of world that fits man who is nivra be'tzelem. I.e. man expects a particular graduality of completion which is now the way the world works. Therefore sheshes yamim taavod and bayom hashevii Shabbos.


Rav Hirsch goes over the names and discusses the meaning of the names and the significance for the basic traits of the generation that name is used for. He points out (4:18-22 and 5:11-27). For example, Lemech ends the progress of the generations with a statement that sums up the state of the descent, though from different sides. The Cainite line is constant ...


Our tradition teaches that the name of G-d, the tetragrammaton, refers to G-d in his attribute of mercy (and other things too). Elokim refers to G-d in his attribute of strict judgement. Chizkuni (commentaries to be found at says: ביום עשות ה' אלקים עכשיו כשנבנו שמים וארץ במילואם הזכיר  עליהם שם המיוחד משום דברב עם הדרת מלך ...

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