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In line with the his understanding of the snake as symbolic of the evil inclination (Gen. 3:1), the Sforno interprets the curse of the snake as symbolic of a person's plight in life (as affected by Adam's succumbing to the evil inclination). Sforno Gen. 3:14 ארור אתה מכל. שישיג תאוותיו וצרכיו בצער ובחסרון תענוג יותר מכל שאר בעלי חיים, כאמרם ראית חיה ...


Putting some things together: According to the Nefesh HaChaim (1:6) and the Rambam (Moreh Nevochim 1:11), the result of the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was some level of the internalization and assimilation of the drive for evil. R' Hirsch (Horeb ch. 68) explains in his discussion of the meaning of the laws of Kashrus that the ...

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