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Bat Pharoah identified Moshe as being a Israely baby (See Shemot 2:6). The Ramban also states that Moshe was told he was an Israelite (See Ramban 20:11). Perhaps Pharaoh knew that his daughter had brought in a Jewish child into their home to raise as an Egyptian. Perhaps until this point Pharaoh watched Moshe to see which side he would align his ...


Seder Olam Rabba (written by Rabbi Yose Ben Chalafta in the 2nd century) chapter 3 says that they took 12 months - based on the starting point of your discussion, namely the gathering of the straw, which he writes is normal to do in Iyar (not in the fall). The Mishna in Eduyos 2:10 says the same: משפט המצריים, שנים עשר חודש The judgement of the ...

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