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Toras Nistar teaches (especially the writings of the Ramchal) that just like before creation, there was only the unity of the Creator, and creation seemingly brought multitudes of creations, with separations and differences, and these are (seemingly) increased through not doing the Will of HKBH, which distances us from Him, it is our job through serving HKBH ...


The Gemara (Sanhedrin 66a) explains that לא תקלל חרש, באומללים שבעמך הכתוב מדבר--"Scripture writes, Thou shalt not curse the deaf; thus applying the injunction even to the humblest of thy people." This means that the prohibition applies even to the lowliest members of society, and not only to the leaders or judges.


Sefer Hamitzvos Hakatzar (by the author of Chafetz Chayim) lists as prohibition 45: A prohibition-command not to curse a kasher Jew, as it says "do not curse a deaf person". That it says "a deaf person" is as an extra point: that even this fellow, who doesn't hear and [thus] isn't pained by this curse, one nonetheless violates by cursing him.

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