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Dont do towards others that you would not have done to yourself. These are the words of Hillel to the person who wanted to be converted while "standing on one leg". The source is Shabbos 31a דעלך סני לחברך לא תעביד It is expressed in a negative way which seems to limit its application,


Most Rishonim hold that the obligation to love a fellow Jew does not demand a person to feel a specific emotion. Rather, it asks of a Jew specific actions. A Jew must act towards his fellow with care, protecting his property and his honor. Notably, the Ibn Ezra holds the mitzvah to be literal. Sources are provided below: The Rambam writes: Mishneh Torah, ...


I wrote about this subject once, I hope this will be of some help: בדבר המצוות פרשת קדושים The Ramban says that it is impossible for a person to literally love his friend as himself, but one should be happy when something that he would appreciate comes to his friend (as opposed to jealousy et cetera).


Mitzvos can be divided into two categories: those with clearly set parameters whose obligation one can either discharge or not, and ones which one can always fulfill more and more. Examples of the first category include shaking Lulav, not wearing shatnez, eating matzah on Pesach, etc. Examples of the second category are loving God and fearing God. (See ...

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