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Kavod and Oneg are not interchangeable. Your preference in taste will define your Oneg but what is considered honorable is not a taste issue. Secondly, the example of sandals is a mistake since you are using enjoyment to define honor. The Gemara in Shabbos 113a says: אמר רב הונא אם יש לו להחליף יחליף ואם אין לו להחליף ישלשל בבגדיו מתקיף לה רב ספרא והא ...


R' Aharon HaKohein MiLunil writes in his Orchos Chaim, din erev shabbos #9 that changing weekday clothes into Shabbos clothes is 'in order to remember that the day is holy and work is not allowed'. He goes on to quote the statement that if someone does not have special clothes for shabbos, he should be 'mishalshel' his regular clothes. He explains this as ...

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