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Nap. As the OU has it: Extra sleep is also considered appropriate and desirable on Shabbat, in line with the principle of "Shayna b'Shabbat Taanug," "(Extra) Sleep on Shabbat is considered a Delight!" Start your own afternoon gathering. You don't need to be super-learned or invest a great deal of time to start very interesting and worthwhile ...


Sleep. Recite T'hilim (from a large-print copy). Visit with neighbors/friends. (Avoid lashon hara. :-) ) Visit the homebound. (Or hospital-bound, but CYLOR about automatic doors and other issues.) Push the community to have more classes or get-togethers. Talk to local rabbis and/or lay leaders. You say you already read but have a hard time because of ...


Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 280:1 תשמיש המטה מתענוגי שבת הוא, לפיכך עונת תלמידי חכמים הבריאים מליל שבת לליל שבת.‏ Marital relations are among the delights ("oneg") of Shabbat, and therefore the time for marital relations for a healthy Torah scholar is from Friday night to Friday night. (translation mine) So the two mitzvot are Oneg Shabat and ...


Sing. I can spend an hour just singing zemirot after lunch, and sometimes I'll take down my copy of Avraham Baer's "Der Practische Vorbeter" or one of Chazzan Pinchas Spiro's series of books, or the Harvard Hillel bentcher, and teach myself a new tune to a tefillah.


Have you heard the story about a goat? A Jew comes to his Rabbi and says: "Rebbe, my house is tiny, and I have a large family. It has become so crowded, that it is unbearable! What should I do?" The Rebbe says: "Do you have a goat?" The Jew says: "Yes, I have a goat". "Then bring the goat into the house." The Jew is puzzled, but he does what the Rebbe ...


Chesed! Do for others and you'll find the time flying by. I believe PZ (referenced in another answer) has a hachnasas orchim program for shabbos which you can sign up for. But in general I'm sure there is a lot of chesed that can be done in Pittsburgh. Offer to take someone's kids to the park, visit the elderly or offer to teach a class. When you make ...


Meditate on the fact that you do not live in Gateshead, England or in Denmark or Norway where Shabbos is not over until after midnight for much of the Spring/Summer season!! Then thank G-d for that through song and prayer!


Aish has a long list of suggestions. My favorites are for the kids to be involved with setting the table, preparing dishes prior to Shabbos and then bringing it to the table. Cutting vegetables, etc. Serving special Shabbos treats. Keep the humor rolling. Showing off school projects. My kids play jumprope, and with hula hoops. They also often dress up ...


The things you list. Also, besides board games are other games (card, word, ball, etc. Just be sure to follow the Sabbath rules, which restrict certain game-related activities). Also, Torah study.


There is a positive commandment "lishbos mim'lacha" - to refrain from constructive activity. More than simply the lack of such activity, this command is explained as obligating us to proclaim the unity and Novelty of God as well as his Creative power. Infusing every moment of shabas with the attitude that one's very inaction expresses a profound theological ...


Move to Israel, where shabbat does not last so long. :) Or play really long games of risk.


It took several days for it to sink in, but I finally understand the premise of your question - the mitzva of oneg shabas! This requirement, which some hold is Biblical in nature, and everyone holds is at least bindingly scriptural, obligates one to delight in shabas to such an extent that they call the day "a delight". The simplest way to fulfill this ...


Monica, I noticed that your profile and blog indicate that you are a Pittsburgher. I'm not sure what your religious observance level is, but since you indicate a desire to attend Shi'urim, I thought you'd like to know about Poale Zedeck's adult education options. You can view them here: ...


I jump rope with my kids on Shabbos. We also play frisbee in the park. (Our city is enclosed.) They also enjoy role-playing games a.k.a. imagination games.

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