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Per Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi the coconut oil is fine without a hecsher. (Same with sesame seed oil, which is not just his opinion but the opinion of the Rema.) If you were to ask Rabbi Abadi why kashrut agencies would tell you it needs a hecsher for fear that it might get contaminated with other products, I assume he would tell you that its part of the ways in ...


The mefarshim on this portion of Navi (Targum, Rashi, Radak, etc.) explain that the man who died was actually Ovadiah (see Melachim Aleph 18). He was the man who kept 100 true prophets alive during their persecution by Jezebel. He hid them in 2 caves. He also provided for all of their physical needs. The cost of secretly supporting them, not only risked ...

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