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Aruch HaShulchan 265:12 & 265:13 discusses this. From what I understand the Gemara is talking about placing a bowl of water under the candle where it would be prohibited even from Erev Shabbos, however oil with water in a glass is no issue. Orach Chaim 265:4 says that so long one has no intention that it is being done to extinguish the flame sooner it ...


They used a half of a lug of oil in each candle every night, in order that it would last through the longest night of the year (Menachos 88b). A lug is 6 egg volumes. An egg volume is disputed, but it's accepted to be either around 57 (R' Chaim Naeh) or 100 (Chazon Ish) mL. So the volume per candle was about 172 or 294 mL, or about 1200 or 2050 mL total.


According to the Beis Yosef in siman 671 they needed to go through the tahara process of para aduma which took seven days and one more for the oil making. He also brings the Ran who says the oil refinery was 4 days travel away. Four there, four back, there's eight days for you.


It contained a half a lug of oil. See Maharsha Chullin 55 and Rivevos Ephraim Chelek 3:460:23.


There is no definitive answer. Some links permitting and some forbidding and some equivocating. It's hard to say either side should be viewed as violating halacha.


CANOLA OIL from the Orthodox Union. Canola oil, which is a form of rapeseed oil, should be considered kitniyot. The Star-K (Baltimore Va'ad Hakashrus also lists Canola Oil in its list of Kitniyos CRC goes into the details as to why rapeseed oil (Canola oil) is considered kitniyos (based on Maharsham I:183 that it was used in Europe). Note that the CRC ...


Don't forget that they were fresh from fighting a war. They had to purify themselves from the tum'as meis. They also had to make sure that everything was done in taharah. Also the pressing had to be only the first squeezing (without pressure) of the olives. It is not quite as simple as it seems.


Rambam (Hilchot Megillah u'Chanukah, ch 3) states that we celebrate the military victory and the re-institution of Jewish sovereignty in Israel. We celebrate for 8 days because the oil burned that long.

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