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In Saadya Gaon's Siddur, the phrase shows up again with the desired variation at the end of the blessing and seems to have been transplanted from there to the beginning of the blessing in Siddur Sim Shalom. Here is the full text of the blessing from your linked-to pdf (emphasis added): שים שלום טובה וברכה חן וחסד ורחמים וברכנו כלנו כאחד במאור פניך כי ...


The acrostic structure for the second day version of Hashem Melech is the name of the author: Shimon Bar Yitzchak. The last stanza starts with the traditional Chazak ( Cha-shmalei Zik-im). Regarding the "Eilu v'Eilu" refrain, it could very well be a reference to the Talmudic principle, but it as the two sets aren't contradicting each other (as they do in ...

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