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Nishmas is part of the haggadah according to Machzor Vitri, who was a talmid of Rashi. The notes on bottom write that the shir mentioned in the gemara is nishmas kol chai.


The nine places where a different letter appears are: מנש(ו)א Genesis 4:13 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. Temoni מעינ(ו)ת Genesis 7:11 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. Temoni ויהי(ו)‏ Genesis 9:29 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. Temoni ת(י)עשה Exodus 25:31 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. Temoni האפ(ו)ד Exodus 28:26 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. Temoni בשמ(ו)ת Numbers 1:17 Ashkenazi/Sephardi vs. ...


In most cases, you would learn the one that is on the top in the Vilna Shas. The second Rashi, as you said, is רש״י כת״י, or רש״י כתב יד. The "Rashi K'tav Yad" means that it was found in a manuscript. However, for many years, the standard version was used, however different it was from the old manuscript. Therefore, I would advise on learning the first ...

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