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I do not know about Teaneck, but the following is a list of shuls that I know about that say ma'arovith in the New York area. All these minyonim say the Ashkenaz (German) version printed in the Rödelheim machzor. Ma'arovith is recited on all yomim tovim with the exception of Rosh haShonoh and Yom Kippur. According to the Frankfurt, A.M. custom they are ...


In their "about me" page, the founder says that he is Shami (Damascene) Syrian. As a result, I would infer that the niggunim and te'amim are also Syrian rather than Maghrebi. http://www.sephardichazzanut.com/about.htm


Excerpt from this article: To avoid fights, many places allow all the Avelim (mourners) to say Kaddish (prayer said on behalf of the deceased) together. However, they must say it together word-for-word, for two voices saying the same thing in unison are not heard, except for something heard infrequently that is very dear to the listener. Kaddish ...


The proper way to do it would be to sa kaddish according to the nussach of the shul. The reason for that being, that "al titosh metoras imecha" does not apply when davining in such a shul (at least for the things you need a minjan for, for everything else one is allowed to follow ones own nussach). There is also a Gemore in Pesachim 52 "al yeschaneh adam ...

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