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The Behr Siddur (Siddur Avodath Yisroel by Roedelheim, 1868) says in the footnotes: This is not found in the Siddurim of the Sefardim, nor in most handwritten Siddurim. (Rav Amrom, Rokach, Kol Bo, etc.) and therefore it appears to have been copied here from the Malchioth of the Rosh Hashana Mussaf.


For the five gifts of Terumah Gedolah/Terumat Maaser/Maaser Rishon/Maaser Sheni/Maaser Ani: Chochmat Adam (Shaarei Tzedek 10:13) writes that the relevant blessings are Lehafrish Teruma/Terumat Maaser/Maaser/Maaser Sheni/Maaser Ani. Be'er Moshe (5:107:4) writes that while he thinks the Rash held the blessings would be Lehafrish Teruma/Terumat ...

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